Rustic Bride and Groom Plaque

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

Wood Burned SignLooking for ideas for a wedding gift? This bark edged plaque is unique – you can easily make it for the bride and groom even if you have never wood burned before!

Basswood-Country-Round-Natural-Craft-Panel-Group[1]The Basswood Country Rounds® come in various sizes so you can choose the perfect size you need. Look for a font that you like on your computer for the initials and wedding date. Enlarge it to size and print. I chose Perpetua Titling MT.



Before using the Creative Versa-Tool®, read all manufacturer’s instructions found inside the package. Attach the Universal Point on the Versa-Tool with pliers. Secure the tool stand to your work surface with tape. Place the Tool on the stand and plug it into an electric outlet. Turn the Versa-Temp control to the Red Zone and heat for four or five minutes.38283 _versa temp control

While the Tool is heating up, use a pencil to rub on the back of the printed copy to prepare for tracing it onto the Basswood Country Round. Position the copy on the Round and tape it in place. Use a stylus or ball point pen to trace the initials and date onto the wood surface.

To wood burn all of the outside lines of each part of the copy, begin by placing a metal rule on any areas of copy with straight lines. Use the straight edge of the Universal Point to create the straight lines by following along the ruler edge.

Add all other curved lines of copy using the tip of the Universal Point following the traced lines until all outside lines are wood burned.

Use the side of the Universal Point to burn all solid dark shading in the initials. Use a lighter touch to lightly shade the ampersand.

Use the metal ruler to create lines across each letter and number in the wedding date.

2253866P243[1]Use a pencil to mark holes for the twine. Drill holes and insert twine to hang.

Sometimes it is better to actually see how to use the Universal Point – we made a video with some tips and techniques. If you’d like to see it, please view the video here:



What’s New? We’ve got Slabs!

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

Basswood Country Slabs  Walnut Hollow

Our signature surfaces with the bark edges are so trendy. They are used for many DIY projects including home décor, wedding décor and centerpieces. We now have a limited supply of Basswood Country Slabs™ available – and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Due to the natural characteristics of these unique and one-of-a-kind slabs, the width, shape and depth will vary with each individual piece. These natural characteristics add rustic beauty and allow each Slab to have its own unique features.

Basswood Country Slabs™ are kiln dried to keep the bark intact and to prevent cracking. The rounded side is covered with bark while the bottom is rough-cut and rustic. We take great care to keep the bark intact during our processing and drying time.


When I first saw the Slabs, I had all kinds of ideas running around in my head. They are perfect for centerpieces, tablescapes, DIY shelves and peg racks, bookends, table markers, rustic wedding décor, cabin décor and other creative uses.


I made a holder for LED votives – just drill holes to fit. Note: All of the Slabs do not have moss on them.

40802 40846 stand2

IMG_2281I made a shelf using both the 3” cuts that are sold together. Just attach with wood screws to a longer Slab. They are available in 3 lengths for you to choose from.

40803 Side

40803 hangers

IMG_2286I made a coat rack using hooks I bought at the store – the hooks are attached with screws.

40846 books and birdTo make bookends, you don’t need to do anything but place books between 3″ Wide Basswood Country Slabs (sold in pairs).


40846 table 5 2IMG_2284For the table marker, a slice out of the Slab was cut to hold the piece of foam core.

You can see more about the Basswood Country Slabs™ here. Take a look – I think you’ll agree that they would fit very well into a rustic Thanksgiving or Christmas.