How to Use Chalk Paint on Wood at Paint-A-Palooza

1- Paint-A-Palooza at Charity Wings - WalnutHollow JPriest - Group Photo

Just over a week ago, fifty crafters came together in sunny San Diego, California for a three day workshop called Paint-A-Palooza to create, share, and learn in the fabulously artsy Charity Wings Art Center. Our good friends at DecoArt® organized and sponsored the Paint-A-Palooza art retreat to support the Charity Wings Art Center and fund their upcoming move to a new facility. Walnut Hollow was honored to sponsor three of the seven projects taught at the event with our made in the USA wood products and help in sharing the love of art with Charity Wings.

1- Paint-A-Palooza at Charity Wings - WalnutHollow JPriest - LollyJane Project

Kristi Jansen and Kelli Mullins from Lolly Jane taught these really fun succulent planters that double as a wall hook, using DecoArt paint and stencils to give the wood panels a unique finish. The finished projects above were created by students in the class using our Rectangle Value Plaque as the base.  We love how each one has its own unique character!

Paint-A-Palooza at Charity Wings - WalnutHollow JPriest - Mark Montano Elena Etcheverry 2

Next, Mark Montano taught two home decor projects showing how to use wax as a distressing tool with DecoArt’s Chalky Finish paint on Walnut Hollow wood. In the Rectangular Tray, Mark shared how to use a stencil to create an image inside of the tray as well as how to achieve a slightly distressed look on any wood project. Charity Wings founder Elena Lai Etcheverry shared in the fun, acting as Mark’s teaching assistant.

Paint-A-Palooza at Charity Wings - WalnutHollow JPriest - Mark Montano Explains Chalky Finish

Mark Montano’s secret for creating a distressed, aged look on these trays? Household wax!

Here’s how: Paint one coat of dark DecoArt Chalky Finish paint on the wood tray and allow to dry. Rub household wax over the areas where you’d like the dark paint to show through later. Paint a coat of paint in a lighter shade, like the mint green DecoArt Chalky Finish paint in this photo, over the entire piece. Allow to dry. Lightly sand to remove the wax. If you sand too much, the wood grain will show. Touch up any over-sanded areas with more paint. Use a stencil to add a design to the center of the tray with a dark shade of Chalky Finish paint. Allow to dry. Lightly rub sandpaper over the stenciled image to distress it. Wipe clean and seal with DecoArt’s Satin Varnish. Here’s what the finished project looks like:

Mark’s next project was a decorative pallet, featuring our Rustic Pallet, 11″ x 11″. Attendees learned how to give a new wood piece an authentic-looking aged look with wax, sandpaper, and DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint. Mark showed us how to add a stenciled image in metallic paint to contrast the matte finish of the distressed pallet base.

PaintAPalooza etc 093

Thank you to Mark Montano and DecoArt for this fun class featuring our Rustic Pallet and Tray! And thank you to Kristi and Kelli from Lolly Jane for creating with our wood panels in their class. We are thrilled to have been a part of Paint-A-Palooza in support of Charity Wings. A big “thank you” to DecoArt and Charity Wings for including us in the fun, charity, and creativity!

Which is these projects would you create for your home?

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