DIY Leather Woven Mini Wood Crate

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Make a beautiful Ocean Waves inspired Serving Board

Creating a serving board inspired by the Ocean Waves is easier than you might think.  The gorgeous new Walnut Hollow Serving Boards are a beautiful canvas for these amazing ocean waves.  With just a small amount of resin (you only need 2 ounces), some craft paint, and a heat gun you can create a magical ocean scene of your own to wow your guests.

Create a beautiful Ocean Waves Serving Board

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own Ocean Waves Serving Board:

  • Walnut Hollow Serving Board 
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Acrylic Craft Paints in Shades of Blue and White
  • Heat Gun (Or Hair Dryer)
  • Disposable measuring cups
  • Wooden Stir Sticks
  • Gloves

Ocean Waves Serving Board Supplies

Step one:

Always wear gloves and protect your work surface when working with Resin Epoxy.

Measure and pour the two-part epoxy. You only need 2 ounces of epoxy for this project.  It’s very important to follow the brand-specific instructions on the packaging as each brand is just slightly different.  The epoxy I am using requires equal parts of the resin and the hardener.  Stir the parts to combine for the specified length of time on the packaging.

Measure and Mix the two part epoxy

Pour the epoxy into a second container and stir again if required by the type of resin you are using.

Step two:

Separate your resin out into smaller amounts.  I used three shades of Blue and a White.  Keep a small amount of clear epoxy without any tinting.

separating the epoxy for coloring

Set the clear epoxy aside.  Add a drop of paint or two to each smaller cup of epoxy.  Mix thoroughly.

add color


Step three:

Place several empty cups on your covered work surface, and set the serving board on top of the cups.  This allows the excess epoxy to drip off of the sides rather than pooling around your serving board.

elevate the serving board on cups


Step four:

Starting at one edge of the serving board, pour each of the blue colors in straight lines.  Start with the darkest blue shade on the outside edge. Adding a thin stripe of untinted epoxy between each color stripe helps with blending.

Epoxy color lines


Pour small lines of white along with your colored stripes.  Vary and break the lines throughout.

white epoxy lines


Step five:

Using your heat gun (or hairdryer) gently blow the epoxy to move it.  The warm air will make the epoxy move a little bit better.  Use the air to push some of the darker blues into the lighter blues, and to disperse your white.  The white, when it blends, will look like the tips of waves.  Don’t overdo this step or all of your colors will just blend together into one blue blob.  That will look beautiful too, but it won’t look like the Ocean.

Making waves


Step six:

Allow the excess epoxy to run off and drip for approximately 30 minutes.   Use the side of a craft stick to scrape underneath the edge of your serving board to remove any drips that have formed and not dropped off.

Scrape off the drips


Allow your Ocean Waves Serving Board to cure for at least 24 hours.   Once the resin has hardened and cured,  you can use or display your beautiful new serving board.  Adding a coat of food-safe mineral oil to your serving board brings out the gorgeous wood grain even more, which compliments your lovely ocean waves so beautifully.

Create a Resin Poured Ocean Waves Serving Board


Resin makes these Beautiful Walnut Hollow serving boards even more beautiful, don’t you think? Which serving board shape is your favorite?




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