DIY WoodBurned Home Portrait

There is really no place like home. You can easily wood burn a picture of your home onto this fun wood burned Home Sweet Home key hanger to display in your home. Or, use a place that’s special to you or someone you love, and give it as a gift! The Walnut Hollow Rectangle Basswood Panel is the perfect surface to complete this fun home project.

Supplies Needed:

First, place the Graphite Transfer Paper onto the Rectangle Basswood Panel. Fit your home portrait printout over that, and tape them into place with painter’s tape. Use a pen or pencil to gently trace the outline of your home over the page. This will transfer your design through, and onto the board.

Remove the papers to reveal your design!

Use the Creative wood burner to trace the lines you’ve drawn. The ball point tip is an easy tip to use when you’re tracing rounded lines and letters. The ball flows smoothly over the wood grain and does not get caught up in it.

The Universal Shading point is great for deep thin straight lines. I used the shading point to outline my house. You could also use Drawing Point 2 for this.

After you’ve drawn your letters and your house, it’s time to shade them. Fill in the areas that need to be shaded with the Universal Shading Point.

When your lovely wood burned home portrait is done, you can add in the cup hooks to the bottom of the Basswood Panel. Just screw them into the wood to hold your house keys.

Mount on the wall near the front door for a fun reminder of your Home, Sweet, Home.

Where do you store the keys in your home? We like to keep ours by the door, where they are easier to grab on our way out.

Wood Burned Home Portrait.  Home Sweet Home Keychain Hook Sign

Check out this Video to watch this project come to life!

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