2 Tier Wood Slice Hanging Shelf

Hi Walnut Hollow fans. This past summer we moved into a new home. They say the decorating process takes 5 years to get it how you like it in a new home. I am trying to keep that in mind when staring hopelessly at all the blank space that is still surrounding us!

Over the weekend, I put together this small hanging shelf to hang over the nightstand in our bedroom. It is a cinch to assemble using the Basswood Country Rounds wood slices, looks great and frees up space on the nightstand for more useful things. My husband would never allow decorative items on his nightstand, but that is not going to stop me from making our room look great!

The shelf is surprisingly sturdy and is able to hold several heavy items. The plant, quartz stone and brass owl weigh in at around 15 pounds. Let’s take a look at assembling the shelf.

You’ll need 2 of the Basswood Country Rounds – large and small, 9 yards of braided rope and some sort of drill press or drill for creating the holes.

Drill a total of 6 holes on each wood round, with 3 on each side. You will measure out and mark a rectangle on the four edges. Drill a hole in each corner of that rectangle. Then measure and mark two more holes that are slightly outside the rectangle and drill a hole at each of those marks.

Cut the rope into six equal lengths and tie a thick double knot on each end. Insert through the holes of the large wood slice so that the knots are on the bottom of the board. To test the strength of the knots, hold the rope ends with one hand and with the other hand, firmly press against the board. If the knots slip through the holes, you will need to make the knots bigger or consider a thicker rope.

Once you certain of the bottom tiers strength, create a second layer of knots in the rope, 8 inches from the base of the wood. Getting the knots in just the correct spot is a bit tricky, but if you measure carefully and mark your spot on the rope, the top board will lie evenly on top of them.

Insert the knots through the small wood round and again, test the strength of the knots by applying firm pressure on the board with your hand.

Wood-Slice-Hanging-Shelf-Walnut-Hollow-Sabrina-Alery-8The final step is to tie an overhand knot with all of the ropes to secure. You can add a large metal ring to hang the shelf from or insert an S-hook like I’ve done here before hanging from the ceiling from a swag hook. One more project checked off the old to-do list.

Thanks so much for dropping in today! I hope you’ve found this project useful and inspiring!

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