Easter Sign

National Craft Month - Walnut Hollow

I love that there’s a whole month dedicated to crafting and making aware all the great products and creative possibilities. I love making signs and wreaths that are a little unique and with Easter fast approaching I wanted to do something centered around that holiday. As soon as I saw this rustic frame I knew right away I was going to make a sign or wreath.

Sheep Easter Sign.1

What You Will Need to Create this Project:

Walnut Hollow Rustic Frame
Hollow Wooden Letters
Brown Paint
White Paint
Artificial Moss in a Sheet
Sheep, Chick, or Bunny
Hot Glue Gun

Sheep Easter Sign supplies.1

Paint the edges of the wood frame brown. You don’t need to paint the whole frame since it’s going to be covered with the moss but make sure a bit of the paint covers the edge of the top since the moss might not go all the way to the edge.

Sheep Easter Sign painted wood form.1

I painted the tops of the letters white and left the sides natural. Since they are laser cut the sides are dark brown. I like the contrast of the white and brown and it looks great against the green moss.

Sheep Easter Sign painted letters.1

Cut the sheet of moss to fit the frame. I used hot glue to secure it in place.

Sheep Easter Sign moss.1

Attach the letters across the top of the frame using hot glue. You can spell whatever you like: Spring, Easter, Welcome, etc. I didn’t add a ribbon since I decided not to hang mine but you can use a staple gun to secure a ribbon to the back so you can hang it on a door or wall.

Sheep Easter Sign add letters.1

I added the sheep using a tiny bit of hot glue to the bottom of the frame. I like the simplicity of it but if you want to add more detail you could also add eggs, flowers, birds, a nest or anything Springy.

Sheep Easter Sign sheep.1

I added my new sign to the Easter mantel I’ll be sharing on my blog later this week.

Sheep Easter Sign square.1

Sheep Easter Sign vignette.1

Thank you for letting me share a project with you. If you would like to see more of my craft, decorating, and organizing ideas visit me at Organize and Decorate Everything.

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