Make Simple Fall Porch Decor with Wooden Shapes

Once we turn the calendars to September, I’m ready to start thinking about fall decorating. Still, it doesn’t feel right to fill the yard with Jack o’ lanterns when it’s not technically even fall yet, so I need something to fill the gap, that celebrates fall without jumping right ahead to Halloween.

An unpainted pumpkin shape looks a lot like an apple if you paint it red instead of orange, and it offers an easy way to jazz up the front porch as we get ready to welcome fall.Paint pumpkins like apples for sweet fall porch decor.



supplies for apple porch craft


Paint the short pumpkin and the sides of the pumpkin box red. I used Romance for the short pumpkin and Rouge for the box, but you can use the same red color on both if you’d rather. Allow to dry.

painted apple pieces

Paint the sides of the box and the stems of the apples with Rustic. Allow to dry.

If desired, paint a message on the side of the box in Everlasting. I went with “Happy Fall” and used stencils to help me with the lettering. Allow to dry.

happy fall painted box

Use varnish to seal the paint and make it more weather-resistant.

fall apple porch display

I set mine up in an empty corner of my front porch, right next to the door. I put the box on a bale of straw, added decorative gourds as a nod to Halloween season, and place the larger pumpkin behind the straw, leaning against the wall of the house.

You could also place the box on a table if you already have one on your porch, or use these inside on a table against a wall or on the fireplace mantel to bring a bit of fall into the house. This is one season I’m perfectly OK with rushing to.


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How do you decorate for fall before Halloween? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!


Bio: Sarah E. White is a writer, crafter, blogger and mom based in Arkansas. She writes the knitting websites for and Craft as well as her own blog, Our Daily Craft, all about crafting with and for kids, creativity for moms and other busy people and creating the life you’ve always wanted. She loves to make all sorts of crafts with her just-turned-six-year-old and is the author of three knitting books.

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