Make a cute Halloween Garden with Halloween shape signs

We love to decorate for the holidays around here.  Halloween can be a super fun holiday, but sometimes the decorations get a little bit too spooky for some kids.  I was excited to see the new Halloween/Harvest wood surfaces in the Walnut hollow store and immediately came up with a fun idea my kids would approve of.  I wanted to put some cute decorations on the front porch. Once the weather turns cold the planters there are empty and bare. Using the Halloween shape signs I made this adorable little Halloween garden for my front porch planters.

Make your own Halloween Garden with Walnut Hollow wooden Halloween signs

Making these adorable wooden Halloween shape signs was so simple.  I love a project that can be completed in one day without any fuss.  The signs are durable and will hold up great on my porch through the Halloween season.

Walnut Hollow Wood Halloween Signs

Here’s what you’ll need:

*The First step when working with wood is to sand down any rough spots it might have.  This step was super quick with these awesome wood signs.

*Wipe off any dust before you start to paint.

*Paint each shape a base color.  I used Chalky Finish Everlasting for the ghost, Patio paint in Pumpkin for the pumpkin, and Wrought Iron Black for both the Bat and the Cat.

Walnut Hollow Halloween Signs painting

*Once the base color is dry you can add any details you want.  I painted cute faces on the cat, bat, and ghost.

Walnut Hollow Cat Sign details

*You can also add paper accents to the signs. I added fun Halloween paper to the pumpkin, the Sign part under the cat, and an adorable paper bow tie on the ghost.

*Paste the paper on with glue or varnish and let dry.

*You can lightly sand the edges for a distressed look, trace them with the chalk marker, or paint them with a contrasting color.  I used Patio Paint in Grey Skies to outline the ghost and the cat. And I used Chalky Finish paint in Rustic to give the bat and pumpkin some depth and detail.

Walnut Hollow Wood Halloween cat sign - paint the details

*To turn the Cat Sign into a functioning Garden sign I added a Halloween paper to the bottom of the sign, drew an outline in the middle and then painted the inside with Chalkboard paint.

*Let the paint dry. You can write on it with a chalkboard pen or marker.

*A coat of Varnish helps protect the paint and the paper and keep them looking in tip top shape!  Paint it on according to the directions on the bottle and let dry completely.

Walnut Hollow Wood Halloween Signs finished

Now you can proudly display your adorable wood Halloween shape signs in your Halloween Garden!

Walnut Hollow Halloween Signs Bat and Ghost

We have a lovely crop of bats, ghosts, pumpkins, and cats this year! I really love how these great little signs turned out.

Walnut Hollow Halloween Signs Pumpkin and Cat

My kids get a big kick out of our cute Skeleton gardener with her big floppy autumn garden hat.

Walnut Hollow Wood Halloween Signs Spooks Garden

There are lots of ways you could display these adorable little signs, if you don’t have planters try lining your walkway with them.  They would be a spooky cute way to greet guests arriving at your home either way.

Walnut Hollow Wood Halloween Garden Signs

Which sign is your favorite? Leave a comment letting us know which one you love the most.  I can’t decide, I love all four!

Visit our site by clicking the image below to see more projects like this and to get all of the supplies:



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