DIY Reversible Wood Slice Table Runner




Hey everyone, Katie here today with a project I am pretty excited about! I have always loved table runners and I recently had the idea to make one out of wood rounds for the Autumn season, and after I was done with it I thought “oh hey, I’m going to paint Christmas designs on the back and make it reversible!” which is how this project came about!

I used the Basswood Country Rounds Ornament/Coaster Assortment to make a long table runner, but I also think the same reversible idea would be awesome using some of the larger Basswood Country Rounds as place settings! Autumn on one side, Christmas on the other!



  1. If you’re making a table runner like me, lay out your wood rounds. I did them 3 wide x 8 long, you may want to change it depending on the size of your table.
  2. Use a marker to mark where to drill holes- basically you need a hole wherever one wood round touches the next.


3. I decided to paint them before attaching them all together. The how-to is pretty simple, just grab your paints and paint leaves onto one side and Christmas designs on the other side.


4. Drill a 1/4″ hole everywhere you made a mark.


5. Next take 4″ pieces of craft wire, and attach all of the wood rounds by wrapping the wire through the holes, like jump rings.


It was actually super easy, if a little time consuming. Using the same idea with larger wood rounds as individual placemats/place settings would definitely be quicker, but I do love the look of this table runner!



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Bio: Katie is a 24 yr old artist currently living in the Pacific Northwest. She is a lover of everything crafty and is the girl behind the blog Punk Projects, where she posts scrapbook layouts, art journal pages, tutorials and all sorts of artsy things.

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