Rustic Flag Key Holder DIY

WH texas flag 2

Create a perfectly rustic piece of functional decor with this easy project!  I turned a Walnut Hollow tray into wall art that also serves as a key holder.  I used the Texas flag for my project, but you could adapt it for other flags and designs, too.

WH texas flag 3

Supplies Used to Make the Rustic Flag Key Holder for your home:
Step one: Paint the sides of the tray with black paint.  This will frame the flag.
 step 1
Step two:  Paint the smaller rectangle of the tray with blue paint.step 2
Step three: Paint the top two boards on the right side of the tray with white paint. Paint the remaining boards with red paint.
Step four: After the paint has dried, use sandpaper to remove some of the paint from the edges and raised surfaces.  This will help maintain that rustic, aged appearance that the pallet had before you painted it.

Step five:  Paint a 6 inch square of burlap with white paint AND Stiffy Fabric Stiffener.  Let the burlap dry completely, flipping it over halfway so the backside can dry.

Step six:  Print a 4-5 inch star on a piece of paper.  Trace the star on the stiffened burlap and cut it out.

Step seven:  Fold the burlap star in half.  Repeat this with each point of the star.  Once all the points have been creased, push two folded points of the stars together.  Repeat with each of the five points.  I have a short video HERE with more detailed instructions if you need help.

Step eight:  Hot glue the 3D burlap star onto the tray.

Step nine:  Flip the tray over and measure to determine where to place the hooks.  Screw the hooks into place.  Nail saw tooth hangers onto the back of the tray so you can hang it up!

This colorful accent piece really liven’s up the wall.  The fact that it doubles as a key holder is a bonus!  Have fun crafting and creating decor for your home!
WH texas flag 1

Italian born and bred, Morena is the kind of girl who would rather have paint on her fingers than get a manicure. The daughter of two DIYers, she and her husband strive to pass the tradition and value of handmade to their four children. Morena’s passion is using thrifted and inexpensive finds to craft designer inspired creations, and she excels in creating colorful, bold pieces. As a former teacher, her site,,  is like her virtual classroom.

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