Bark Edge Board Hanging Shelves

Bark Edge Board Haning Shelves by Dana Tatar

I’ve staked a claim on the corner of my family room as a sort of makeshift office for myself. I created an area that has all the essential supplies necessary to help run a household. While I was able to get things done in this space, I never really wanted to spend more time than necessary at my desk…until now. I injected a big dose of personality into my corner of the room with some handmade shelves and pieces of art that make me happy. I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one drawn to this new space. The entire family is spending more time in the room thanks so this fun DIY project.

Bark Edge Board Hanging Shelf Supplies by Dana Tatar

1 – Walnut Hollow 5-inch Bark Edge Board
2 – Walnut Hollow 18-inch Bark Edge Boards
4 – #10 Screw Hooks
1/4-inch Manila Rope
Electric Drill

Bark Edge Board Hanging Shelf Holes by Dana Tatar

Step 1: Use an electric drill to drill two holes on each end of the bark edge boards. Note: The size of the hole necessary will depend on what kind of rope is selected to hang the shelves. Use a drill bit that is large enough to thread your rope through without too much extra space.

How to Knot Rope to Hang Shelves by Dana Tatar

Step 2: Cut the rope to the desired length, thread it through the drilled holes, and tie a knot in the end to support the bark edge boards. Note: Have fun with your design! I created a shelf system that was all connected, but single shelves would look just as good and the same process applies.

Bark Edge Board Hanging Shelves by Dana Tatar

Step 3: Hang the shelves from the screw hooks and decorate.

Thanks for stopping by today! Where could you use an extra set of shelves? Let me know in the comments section.

Bark Edge Board and Knotted Rope Hanging Shelves by Dana Tatar


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Dana Tatar
I’m currently living in Virginia with my husband and two daughters. I started paper crafting about 9 years ago and have expanded from scrapbooking and now create a little of everything; including cards, tags, ATCs, arches and small gift and home décor items. I frequently find inspiration in music, poetry and pop culture. I’m an active blogger and I like to share my tips and ideas. When I’m not creating art, I enjoy baking, reading, listening to music and spending time outdoors with my family.


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