Fresh As A Daisy Modern Clock

Last week you saw a pretty funky graffiti clock made using our new Square Modern Clock surface. Today I thought it would be interesting to see the same surface tamed down a bit to show you a very simple, fresh and bright look. A huge difference from the fun graffiti version!


First you need to choose the paper you want to use – that will determine the color you pick to basecoat the Modern Square Clock surface. I used one of the Que Sera Sera papers from K & Company. I chose DecoArt Americana Hauser Light Green to basecoat the entire clock surface to match the paper. 


Use scallop scissors (mine are from Fiskars) to cut the edge of the paper to fit inside the veined center area. To find where to cut the paper, I place the paper over the clock and use both hands to work my fingers into the veining, pressing the paper all the way around. You’ll be able to see where you need to cut by doing this step. Remember that it doesn’t need to be perfect – or people won’t realize that it’s handmade! Well, that’s my version of the deal and I’m stickin’ to it…


Use Tombow’s MONO Aqua Liquid Glue to adhere the paper to the painted wood surface.  Be careful when you are choosing your glue – it really is best to use the Tombow glue because it will not eventually “bubble” – trust me, other glues will “bubble”,  which is not a good thing.

Power Tabs from Tombow are great to adhere the paper flowers in each corner of the clock. Cut the Tabs while they are still on the paper surface when you don’t need the whole Tab for smaller flowers.

add power tab 

adhere flowers

The numbers in the 3 pc Clock Kit for ¾” surfaces have an adhesive already on the back of each number. I only used the 12 – 3 – 6 and 9 for this clock. Of course, you could use all the numbers if you prefer. Just press them in place over the paper.


Use a pencil to poke through the paper from the back of clock through the hole. Press the paper through the hole to the front and snip the paper out with a pair of small scissors. You’ll find illustrated instructions on the back of the packaging to attach the clock movement. Just follow along and add one AA battery to the movement. Set the hands to the correct time and you’re ready to hang the clock on the wall.

insert movement

This clock is so easy to make – it certainly would make a great gift for a friend!

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