15 Easy To Make DIY Wood Signs You Will Love

In this article: We are featuring 15 of the coolest DIY wood signs and tips to help you make your own sign.

One of the easiest ways to make your house feel like a home is to add handmade touches such as DIY wood signs.

It can be overwhelming if you’ve never made one before, so we are sharing some easy tips to help you get started.

How To Make A DIY Wood Sign

Step 1. Choose Your Wood Style

The first thing you need to decide, is what kind of sign do you want to make for your home.

There are so many to choose from and it all depends on your preference.

Here are some examples of DIY framed signs:

Wood Framed Signs Walnut Hollow

Step 2. Choose Your Quote

Once you choose the type of sign that you want to make, next up is choosing your quote. Pinterest will be your best friend for this!

Be sure to check out our Pinterest Board which has hundreds of inspirational words and messages. You can find the board here.

You may also find inspiration from these beautiful DIY wood signs:

Inspirational Quotes For DIY Signs

Step 3. Paint or Stain

Now that you have the type of sign that you want and know what quote you are placing on it, it is time to paint or stain the frame.

You can check out this article, which has some helpful tips for making wood signs.

These creative wood signs will also help you determine what finish you want to go with. See what inspires you and go for it!

You may end up making one for every room in your home!

Stained or Painted Signs

We hope you found this article helpful. For over forty years, Walnut Hollow  has been dedicated to bringing you the absolute best in fine wood surfaces.

You can check out our selection of wood surfaces here.

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diy wood signs


20 Creative Organizing Ideas For Your Craft Room

Looking to get your craft room organized? Check out these 20 Creative Organizing Ideas that will motivate you to make it happen!

Like so many of you, organization is at the top of the list this year and what better place to start than the craft room? Staying organized in a craft room is not easy. There are usually so many different mediums that a crafter works with, so it can get messy very fast. One thing we’ve learned through the years is having the right storage is crucial for staying organized and inspired to create.

Walnut Hollow has so many cool and useful organizing items, so today we’ve rounded up 20 of the most amazing ideas that you can use in your craft room or home office.  Let’s start with craft paint organizing.

Craft Paint Organizing Ideas

Having craft paints organized so you can see them and access them in seconds is such a timesaver. Use Walnut Hollow’s Teepee Shelf and Mini Crates both as storage and wall decor!

craft room paint storage walnut hollow

Craft Room Storage Ideas

Make a gorgeous faux apothecary cabinet with card keepers. Or how about using rustic ledge organizers for a fun and trendy storage option? We love the idea of using a wood tool caddy to hold markers or as a kid’s craft caddy!

craft room storage

Desktop Craft Storage Ideas

Keeping your desktop organized and clear of clutter is crucial to being productive. Why not make the storage pretty to look at? These organizing ideas will keep your desk tidy and pretty!

walnut hollow desk storage

Organizing Ideas For Your Craft Room

Put everthing in it’s place from ink pads to markers using mini wood crates. Go vertical by stacking the crates to cteate extra storage without taking up table and desk space. Check out these creative ideas:

craft storage walnut hollow

Wood Burned Craft Room Ideas

Put your creativity to use and add personal touches to your craft room storage using Walnut Hollow’s Creative Wood Burner Tool.

wood burned craft room ideas walnut hollow

What’s the most challenging thing for you to organize? Tell us in the comments!