15 Quick And Easy Wooden Organizing Ideas

Organizing is something we all struggle with. From keeping all the remotes together, to getting the kids stuff in one place, we are sharing great organizing tips for you! Take a look at these 15 quick and easy wooden organizing ideas to help you get organized!

Wooden Organizing Ideas

If you are looking for easy wooden organizing ideas, that are also pretty, you will love these ideas! Store your paint or craft tools and decorate your room at the same time! If bright colors are not your thing, use neutrals or pastels for a totally different look!
wooden storage

Organize Smaller Items Together

A great way to organize smaller items is to corral them together in trays or boxes. How many times have we heard “we can’t find the remote”? It doesn’t help that there are three or four televisions with a couple of remotes each! Using trays or boxes will help avoid this issue. If you saw the popular Netflix Series, Tidying Up, that was one of the many valuable tips recommended.


organizing with wood

Set Up A Homework Station

One struggle we hear often is how to keep all the kids stuff organized, especially school papers. We love the idea of setting up a Homework Station to keep “all the things” together. This will also be a time saver when it’s time to sit down with the kids to get it done. No more having to look for that assignment, or markers. Keep it all neat and organized! Remove a little stress from your day with this idea!

wooden organizing ideas

So what do  you think? Lots of great organizing ideas, right? We’d love to hear what your favorite organizing tip is. Be sure to save this post by pinning the photo below:


organizing ideas with wooden storage

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