Sara’s First Wood Burning

Wood burning was always a craft technique that intimidated me. After filming some Wood Burning videos with Chris, I decided it was worth a try. I practiced with some different points and tried a variety of techniques to get comfortable with the tool. After 15 minutes of play I was confident enough to try a whole project! It is much easier than I had anticipated.

Beginner Wood Burning Project | Walnut Hollow Crafts

To start off my project I found a free henna design online and printed it using a laser jet printer. I chose the thin Medallion Plaque as my surface. I love its shape and basswood is ideal for wood burning.


I initially used StazOn Ink and a Stencil to create a background design. I later decided that I did not like it in the background so I sanded it off. I determined the placement of the design then turned it upside down and taped the top of the paper to the wood to hold it in place.

Walnut Hollow Crafts Wood Burning 1

I put the Transfer Point onto the Creative Versa-Tool® and turned the Versa-Temp Temperature Control Dial to the Yellow-Orange Zone. I went over the pattern with the hot tool in a circular motion. Here is a video about how to use the Transfer Point:

Walnut Hollow Crafts Wood Burning 2 Transfer

When I was finished transferring the image I changed to the mini flow point and went over the transfer lines. The mini flow point doesn’t come in the Creative Versa-Tool package, but you can purchase it separately. I just went over it like the Creative Versa-Tool® was a pencil and that made it really easy. I usually push too hard when I write with a pencil so I made a strong effort to put minimal pressure on the wood burning tool. I found that when I pushed too hard the point would burn unevenly.

Walnut Hollow Crafts Wood Burning 4 Mini Flow Point

When I finished burning the design I decided that I didn’t want the blue dyed pattern in the background anymore so I just sanded it until that layer was gone.

Walnut Hollow Crafts Wood Burning 5

Sanding the piece also made my wood burning fade. I thought that enhanced the quality of the burning a little because the lines weren’t as heavy. I changed to the regular flow point and traced the edge of the plaque and added some dots to the trim.

Walnut Hollow Crafts Wood Burning 6 Sanded Ink

I wanted to give the Hot Stamps a try because I wasn’t ready to write freehand with the tool yet. I drew out a straight line with pencil and fit my name into the space to the right of the wood burned design.

Walnut Hollow Crafts Wood Burning 7 Hot Stamps

I stamped the S, the R then both A’s.The hot stamps were easy to use. I recommend stamping onto a scrap piece of wood first.

Walnut Hollow Crafts Wood Burning 8 S stamp

Walnut Hollow Crafts Wood Burning 9 R stamp

Walnut Hollow Crafts Wood Burning 10 Sara

When I was happy with my wood burning I stained my wood using Minwax: Colonial Maple 223. I applied 2 coats and let it dry over night.

Walnut Hollow Crafts Wood Burning 11 Stain

Since adding color with ink didn’t turn out for me I decided to try using Colored Pencils. I used Tombow Irojiten color pencils to brighten the piece up.

Walnut Hollow Crafts Wood Burning 12 Colored Pencils

Walnut Hollow Crafts Wood Burning 13 Colored Pencils

Walnut Hollow Crafts Wood Burning 14 Colored Pencils

Walnut Hollow Crafts Wood Burning 15 Colored Pencils

Wood burning turned out to be a lot easier than I had expected. I really urge you to try it if you haven’t already! The video below goes over wood burning techniques that are helpful in creating this project.

4 thoughts on “Sara’s First Wood Burning

  1. Wow! This is amazing!
    Can’t believe it’s your first time wood-burning. I need to give wood-burning a try again…haven’t done it since I was a kid, but enjoyed it then!
    Love the look of the Irojiten Color Pencils, too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thank you for your instructions you come across a very easy caring person. So relaxing
    Aswell as telling us how to take our time and go with the flow of the pen, you have given me a feeling of, I can do, I bought burning tool a year ago, I haven’t used it yet, almost scared of it. Daft I know I, I remember years ago feeling the same with a glue gun, but, once you use it gradually just practice on scrap wood. Once again thanks…

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