How to Make a Wall Mounted Coffee Bar

Short on counter space? Have a small kitchen? Love your coffee? That is me. Is that you, too? If so, you will love this farmhouse style Coffee Bar! Free up counter and cabinet space by moving mugs, sugar, k-cups and ground coffee, to a wall mounted Coffee Bar.


If prefer beginner-friendly DIY projects, this is it. Use basic tools, supplies from Walnut Hollow, and give wood burning a try.

Wall Mounted Coffee Bar: Supplies


Wall Mounted Coffee Bar: Instructions

First, line up the 4 Rustic Bins, and clamp them together tight. Attach a metal french cleat to the set of bins for heavy-duty hanging.


Next, mark out 3 rows of 3 hooks on the Framed Rustic Pallet with a measuring tape and pencil marks. Screw 3/4″ cup hooks in at each pencil mark.


The first several steps are quick and easy, but the final piece — the “Coffee” Sign — will require a bit more time. Begin by printing out the “Coffee” Template (download here). Once printed, cut it out and rub chalk all over the back of the paper.


Once the backside of the paper is covered in chalk, place it onto the Rustic Provincial Board. Use a pencil to draw the outline of the “Coffee” letters onto the paper. When the outline is drawn on the front of the paper, the chalk will be transferred onto the board.


Use the chalk outline as a guide for the Creative Woodburner Detailer. Go slowly, first by tracing over the outlines with the Woodburner. Next, use the Woodburner inside the outline, by making repeated horizontal lines in order to fill in the letters.

I promise, even a beginner can use the Creative Woodburner Detailer. Don’t believe me? Well, this is only my second wood burning project and I’ve never had any formal training. Granted, I’m no pro — but even if you are a beginner, don’t be afraid to give this technique a try!


Finally, stain each item. I chose a gray stain, applied it with a foam brush, and wiped it away with a clean rag.

Wall Mounted Coffee Bar

All done? Fill it up with all of your coffee-making goodies. The bins can hold sugar, coffee beans, k-cups, and more. Of course, this isn’t just a functional project — enjoy hanging your favorite coffee mugs on the hooks, too!


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Grab all the products you’ll need for this wood project at Walnut Hollow, and start freeing up counter space, today. Oh, and drink some coffee, of course!


About Lora Green

My name is Lora Green and I blog at Craftivity Designs, where I document how we are creating our home. I believe that a home is about much more than design and decor – it should tell the story of a family. I want our home to be a beautiful space, but it should be functional and meaningful, too. If you are trying to meld function and beauty, check out organization ideas, DIY projects, and more on my blog.

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