DIY Farmers Market Grocery List Stand

Hey Y’all, it’s Katie here! This month at Walnut Hollow we’ve been focusing on DIY Kitchen projects, and with the new year coming up quickly (Is it really just over a week away? Time sure flies around the holidays!)  I wanted to create a project to start myself off on the right foot in 2018 to make better choices, and to inspire myself to visit our local farmers market more often.

So I created a grocery list stand! The Walnut Hollow Modern Slide Together Tablet Stand is a fantastic size for this project.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

How to make a Grocery List Stand:

-Note- It was only after my vegetables were painted that I decided I wanted a purple background. If you want a color background as well, I recommend you paint the tablet stand first, before painting on the vegetable designs.

Step one: Use your receipt paper roll to measure out where you need to drill holes in your table stand. You want them about 0.5″ from the top of the stand, and about 1/4″ on either side of the paper roll. Drill 2  1/4″ holes into your tablet stand.

Step two:Print out a copy of the vegetable pattern (found in the supply list above).

Step three: Place a piece of transfer paper on top of the larger part of your tablet stand (this will be the vertical piece of your stand, once you put it together.), and then place the vegetable pattern over top of it and trace the pattern with a pencil.


Step four: Use acrylic paints and a small paint brush to add color to the transferred designs. I recommend sticking to one color shade (I used greens), and then letting those dry completely before adding more color, so that you don’t muddy up your colors.

Step five: Once all of the greens have dried, go back in with more color and finish painting the vegetables. To create highlights mix small bits of white to your color, and to create shadows, mix a tiny bit of black.

I chose my colors based on the work of Helen Dardik from Orange you Lucky. I love her work and wanted the same feel colorful for my project.

Step six: Thread a piece of bakers twine through your receipt paper roll, and then thread each end through the holes in your tablet stand, tying it in the back to secure the paper roll in place.

Place a rubber band on the stand to hold the paper down, and then slide your tablet stand pieces together.

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Bio: Katie is an artist currently living in the Pacific Northwest. She is a lover of everything crafty and is the girl behind the blog Punk Projects, where she posts DIY projects, scrapbook layouts, art journal pages, and all sorts of crafty things.


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