Decoupaged Floral Napkin Clock

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One of my favorite ways to finish a wood surface, and one of the easiest ways, is to decoupage it. When I found these pretty floral paper napkins recently, I knew they would be the perfect addition to a Paneled Wood clock surface from Walnut Hollow.  It’s so simple to do, but the outcome is so pretty.

You only need a few supplies to achieve this look.

Decoupaged floral clock supply list

Materials needed:

Decoupaged floral clock with white chalk paint

Step one:

Use a white chalk paint to coat your paneled wood clock.  One coat is all that’s needed, and it does not have to be perfectly even or uniform.

Step two:

Separate the napkin.  A 3 ply napkin will have three layers.  Only the top layer will have the print on it, you can peel the bottom two layers away. This will leave you with a thin, tissue paper like floral sheet.

WH clock napkin

Step three:

Apply a thin layer of your matte glue or varnish to the painted clock surface. Gently lay the floral napkin over the wet glue and smooth it out.  It is very easy to tear the napkin during this step, so go slowly.  If your napkin tears, that’s ok too, it will just add a little bit of a distressed look for you.

My floral napkin was just smaller than my paneled clock surface, so I simply cut another strip from a second napkin and pieced it on to fill the gaps.

decoupage the floral napkin to the clock

Step four:

Paint the top of the napkin surface with the matte varnish. Make sure to cover the entire surface well. Let it dry completely.

Sand to distress the decoupage floral clock

Step five:

Trim the excess napkin from around the edge of the clock, and sand to distress. I used the sand paper to remove the napkin from the lines on the clock to accent the panel look.

Hotstamps numbers clock face

Step six:

Use the Numbers in the Hotstamps set and the Creative Versa-Tool® to add numbers to the clock face.

Add the clock hands to your decoupaged floral wood clock

Step seven:

Install your Walnut Hollow clock movement, and hands to the center of the clock and you’re finished!

I had a really difficult time choosing which clock hands to use for this project. There are so many fun ones. I’d love to hear which ones you would use, leave me a comment telling me which ones you would have picked!

WH clock finished

The hotstamps made adding numbers to the clock so easy! Be sure to hop on over to because they are on sale for a limited time! Buy two hot stamps and get the third free until August 18th!  Use the promo code HOTSTAMPS at checkout.



Kelli @ Ks Craft Shack

After studying Culinary Arts in Portland Oregon, Kelli went back home to the sunny South West where she decided she wanted to do different kinds of Art. This busy mom of three spends all of her available free time creating in her Craft Shack “she shed” where she can be found burning wood, repurposing old stuff, playing with clay, and painting just about anything she can get her hands on.

It's easy to make this decoupage paneled wood clock with a simple paper napkin.

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