Rustic Sandwich Serving Boards

The holiday season, with all it’s parties and entertaining, is coming at us fast!  But not all the meals this fall and winter will be formal sit down dinners.  Today I’m sharing how to make sandwich serving boards to make your casual meals a little more interesting, too.

Supplies for Walnut Hollow rustic sandwich serving boards

Supply List for Sandwich Serving Boards

First, prepare the boards for wood burning by sanding.  Then wipe off all the dust with a soft rag.

Insert the shading point into the Versa-Tool, turn it on, and allow it to heat up.  Lightly sketch a few flowing lines across the ends of the small boards using a pencil.  When the Versa-Tool heats up use the edge of the shading point to burn a thin line.  Erase any pencil lines that still show.

Wood burned sandwich serving boards

Then go back and add the leaves with the large flat area of the shading point.

Vine design on wood burned sandwich boards

Use a bowl to trace a circle on one end of the large rustic bread boards.  Trace over with the edge of the shading point, then add the leaves.

wood burned sandwich serving boards

To finish, rub food grade mineral oil into the wood, wipe off, and buff.

Note:  These are serving boards.  The wood is soft so don’t cut on them.

serving sandwiches on rustic boards

The circles are perfect for bowls of soup or dip.

Sandwich meal on rustic serving boards

I hope you and your guests will enjoy a few meals on these sandwich serving boards this fall.

Pizza on rustic serving board

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5 thoughts on “Rustic Sandwich Serving Boards

  1. Great idea. Like you I think over the years I’ve done everything. Always thinking.. Just did some mug racks. Mostly all Woodburned, clocks, trivets, etc. thought I’d done it all. Just wanted to say this is a great idea.. I love it.. Now if there was 48 hrs to a day I’d be all set. My problem is pricing. Do custom signs and never know whAt to charge… Good job..great idea.. Phyllis. Pjsartandsigns

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