DIY Gnome Sign for Your Garden

Hey everyone! Now that it is officially Spring, I am so excited to start making Spring crafts and working in my garden. My first Spring inspired DIY is this cute little gnome sign, and I’ve created a free pattern for you to make your own! I chose to create my sign on the Basswood Country Planks, as I love the unique bark edge they have.

Let’s get started!


Step 1. Start by transferring the gnome pattern over to the wood. Place a piece of transfer paper on top of the large country basswood plank, and place the pattern on top. Trace over the lines on the pattern to transfer. Feel free to customize the pattern any way you like, adding more plants and flowers or gnomes.

Step 2. Use the Creative Versa-Tool to wood burn on a cute little garden saying into the top half of the cloche.  I really like the small font of the Lowercase Mini HotStamps.

Step 3. Add color to your design with acrylic paints!  My favorite thing about painting is that you can easily customize this project to fit your style just by changing up the colors! and Acrylic paints are so nice on the smooth surface of the basswood plank.

Step 4. Once you’ve finished painting in your gnome and cloche scene, you can also paint outside of the pattern. I decided to paint a few vines on around the outside.

Now you’re already to make your own gnome sign! You can grab a Basswood Country Plank here!

While my Spring flowers haven’t quite started blooming yet, I am excited to put this sign out in my garden when they do.


Bio: Katie is an artist currently living in the Pacific Northwest. She is a lover of everything crafty and is the girl behind the blog Studio Katie, where she posts DIY’s, art journals, scrapbooks, and all sorts of creative things.


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