Rustic Bark Edge Shadow Box Earring Organizer

January is a great month to try out a new craft.  If you’ve never tried wood burning, it’s a perfect craft for the cold winter months.  Today I’m sharing my latest wood burning project, an earring organizer with a wood burned state outline.

Supplies for wood burned earring holder

Supply List for Bark Edge Earring Organizer

Search online to find an outline of your state and print it.  Then use washi tape to tape the carbon paper and pattern onto the shadow box.

Tracing California state outline for wood burning

While the Creative Versa Tool heats up, trace the outline with a pencil and remove the carbon paper.

State outline before wood burning

If you’ve never used a wood burning tool before it’s good to practice on some scrap wood until you get the feel of it.

Trace the pencil line with the point or edge of the universal point.  Then slowly drag the wide edge of the point across the wood to fill it in.

Started wood burning outline

Screw the eye pins in on the inside edges of the shadow box.  Run the wire through the eye pin and twist it around itself.  Trim off the excess.  Then repeat for the other 3 eye pins.

Close up wire and eye hook

That’s it!  Now hang French hook earrings on the wires and stud earrings in a dish at the bottom.

Rustic wood earring holder

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Thanks for reading about my latest project.  Leave a comment if you have any questions about wood burning.

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I’m Ann Tatum from Duct Tape and Denim.  I’m a jewelry designer but I can’t contain my creativity to just jewelry!  From childhood I’ve loved just about every craft I’ve ever tried.  And my studio currently looks like I’m enjoying every craft!  I especially love upcycling vintage finds.  I raised two daughters who are now married, have one grandson, and live with my musical husband and the boss of our house, the cat.  Follow our adventures on


Rustic wood earring holder

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